Introducing New Service Offerings

Introducing New Service Offerings For Existing and Non-existing Clients

This page details the new service offerings that are being offered on this site. To take advantage of any service listed, both non-existing and existing clients can file tickets with the online help-desk system.

Web Design For Personal and Small Business's

Starting today, Dec. 1, 2021, I am opening up web design services for personal sites and small business sites.

If you are looking to design a site for your family, pets, or a business you are just starting, I can assist in that goal.

Beginning pricing for personal sites: $4.00USD per site.

Corrections or updates are free.

Beginning pricing for small business sites: $30.00USD per site

Updates or corrections are free.


Site design for both personal and small business sites will entail using a Content Management System (CMS) to allow the user to update the website on his/her own.

There will be no charge for setting up the Content Management System (CMS), nor teaching the user how to use said system.

For further questions or to take advantage of this service, please send in a ticket to the

Web Design Department

Server Administration

Is this your first time setting up a Linux/Unix server? Are you new to Linux/Unix? Are you a first-time Linux/Unix user?

If you answered "Yes," to any of these questions, the server administration service may be a good choice for you.

What Does This Come With?

  • Setup of your server from scratch
  • Securing your server against brute-force attacks, hackers, etc.
  • Upon request by the server owner, setting up a server for web hosting.
  • Applying security and other software patches.
  • Writing scripts (as needed,) to perform server backups as well as daily virus scans.
  • Teaching the server owner the operating system (OS) of their server, as well as how to use any firewall installed.

Pricing for server administration: $15.00USD (Per Year)
For questions regarding server administrator or to take advantage of this service, please feel free to submit a ticket to the
Server Support Department

Domain Registration, Transfer, Renewal

Are you looking to register a domain (as either a FirestarHosting.CC customer, or are you hosting elsewhere and need assistance with domain registration?)
I offer domain registration services. Pricing depends on the Top Level Domain (TLD) being registered.
I also offer assistance with domain renewal and transfers. Note: Domain transfer and renewal are only available if I assist in your domain registration.
For any questions regarding domain services I offer or for assistance with domain names, please submit a ticket to the
Domains Department